The Real Reno

"Reno Nevada map"

Welcome to the city of Reno, located in the state of Nevada. Reno just so happens to be the second largest city in the state of Nevada, followed by the first largest city in the state, which happens to be Las Vegas. Reno is definitely a widely populated area and it becomes even more populated with the hundreds and thousands of tourists who come to the city each year to simply have a good time and enjoy their vacation. Reno is often referred to as “The Biggest Little City in the World” and is definitely a vibrant place to visit. The weather in the area is known for being relatively beautiful year long, with warm summers and chill winters. It can also become quite windy in the city of Reno, which is something it is known for.

"National Automobile Museum"There is much to do and see in the beautiful city of Reno, which is the primary reason that so many people come to visit the city, whether they plan to spend a few nights or several weeks. The truth is that once people come to Reno, they often do not want to leave. There are so many different attractions in the city, both for adults and children. While Reno is known for being a big gambling city, which would only be ideal for adults, there are still plenty of attractions that children can enjoy as well. One of the most popular attractions in the city of Reno is the National Automobile Museum. The museum first opened up in the beginning of November in 1989 and has since been a primary staple of the city. It is located in the downtown part of Reno. The outside of the museum is quite a sight to see and does not look like anything else of its kind. The windows of the museum are even reflective, which is also quite unique. When visiting the museum, tourists have the opportunity to go on their own tour or schedule a tour with a tour guide. Throughout the tour, visitors of the museum will learn more about the history of automobiles while also viewing some amazing automobile artifacts.

"Harrah's Casino Reno"The National Automobile Museum is definitely the perfect attraction for anyone who has an interest in cars and is perfect for adults and children. On the other hand, another popular attraction is the Eldorado Hotel Casino. The casino is not just the perfect place for enjoying a night of adult fun and gambling, it is also a popular spot for a number of events and sources of entertainment. In fact, some of the entertainment that can be found at this casino includes a Man in the Mirror event, which is devoted to the late king of pop, Michael Jackson, as well as Jersey Nights. Those who visit during the summer months may have the opportunity to see this live entertainment. Comedians are also always coming to the casino to perform skits as well. The Harrah’s Casino in Reno is yet another popular casino in the city, especially for those who enjoy playing slots and card games, which includes the beloved game of poker.

Because Reno is such a vibrant city, with plenty to do and plenty to see, and because there are so many tourists who come to visit the city from different areas all around the world, it is important that the area have plenty of hotels to offer to its tourists. Tourists in Reno will have quite the choice when it comes down to where they will spend their nights in the city. One of the most popular hotels in the city is the Grand Sierra Resort, which happens to have many positive reviews and ratings from guests who have already spent their stay in Reno at the hotel. This hotel offers a number of accommodations and amenities to ensure that guests feel comfortable and welcome throughout their stay. There are several dining options in the hotel as well, which is convenient for guests because they do not have to leave the hotel to grab a delicious bite to eat. It makes sense why so many people want to stay at this hotel. Aside from the Grand Sierra Resort, another popular hotel in the city of Reno is the Silver Legacy of Reno. This hotel, like the Grand Sierra Resort, has a lot to offer its guests, ensuring that they are comfortable and enjoy their stay, even if it is just for a few days. At this hotel, guests can enjoy the entertainment and nightlife or spend the entire day at the health spa, treating themselves to some much needed pampering. Reno is definitely a city with some of the best hotels available.

Reno Nevada"While staying in Reno, tourists also like to know about some of the best places to grab a bite to eat. While the hotels often have restaurants available, some tourists enjoy traveling around the city and tasting food from different restaurants. Some of the top rated restaurants in the city of Reno include the 4th Street Bistro and the Claim Jumper. The 4th Street Bistro serves some of the most elegant dishes, which includes pacific oysters with champagne, roasted eggplant, and even organic pasta. The Claim Jumper is the perfect restaurant for anyone who wants something simple to eat, such as buffalo chicken wings and southwest eggrolls. The food at the Claim Jumper is also quite affordable, which is something everyone can appreciate.

A trip to Reno, Nevada is definitely ideal for anyone who wants an adventurous and exciting vacation. Those who want to have a good time and head over to a vibrant city should consider visiting the city of Reno. There is a lot to see, do, and learn in this city and most importantly, the people living in the city are very accepting to the tourists. Reno is a great place to visit, especially for tourists who are traveling with their significant other or with an entire group of friends. A visit to this city will definitely be a memorable experience for everyone.

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